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Everything You Need

ECI Store’s Clover replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and barcode scanner with an all-in-one solution..

Electronic Payments

Small Business Loans

ECI is using technology to make the borrowing process simple, fast and transparent for small business owners nationwide. Experience the ECI difference:

ECI is proud to announce new enhancements to our small business loan program:

  • Interest rates as low as 6% oac.
  • Merchants have 2 – 4 years to pay off loan amount.
  • Loan approvals as quick as 10 minutes
  • Loan funding in three to five business days.
Electronic Payments


TransArmor Solution

Protect Your Customers Card Holder Data and Your Business!

ECI helps your business dramatically increase payment security and reduce risk using state of the art data protection to safeguard merchants and consumers from the risks of transmitting and storing vunerable card data at your location.

  • Multiple layers of protection make cardholder data significantly more secure
  • Reduce the risk and address the root cause of data security issues
  • Decrease your liability for breaches and enjoy the extra security of a limited warranty
  • Reduce PCI compliance scope, effort and cost
  • Easy implementation and maintenance, which enables IT to focus on broader business initiatives
Electronic Payments


You’ll be amazed at what you can find.

What if you could discover something new everyday, insights that could drive your business growth and help you reach your potential? The Insightics Solution gives you the power to uncover exciting new opportunities. It is revolutionizing the way small businesses grow.

Electronic Payments


You can turn occasional visitors into loyal regulars with offers and rewards they’ll love.

Give your customers incentive that go beyond the occasional freebie. With Perka, customers earn better perks and increased status as they visit more frequently – a great reason to buy more and visit often.

Electronic Payments

Merchant Cash Advance

Get Cash Fast

Up to $200,000 in 72 Hours

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Personal Guarantee
  • No Closing Costs
  • No Collateral
  • We Fund All Types of Businesses
  • Poor Credit is Not a Barrier

Get your approval today and receive your fundings in just days!

Find Out How Easy it is to get the Cash you Need to Grow Your Business

Electronic Payments

Gift, Loyalty & Text Program

GIFT: Use the ECI platform to create new products from scratch or take of existing programs. Our custom design department can make your program a success with unique card artwork and eye-catching point-of-purchase display materials. The ECI Card Import Tool makes it easy to seamlessly migrate balance information from existing programs onto the ECI Network, without any interruptions to your customers.

Some Features Include:

  • Multiple value on one card
  • Online Reporting
  • Text messaging and email marketing
  • Dynamic Receipt Messages (promotions,coupons)
  • Import card programs from other companies


LOYALTY: The keys to generating repeat business are to figure out who your best customers are, find ways to make them feel special and give them incentives to come back for more. Only ECI gives you the flexibility to allow customers to earn points for qualifying purchases and redeem rewards at participating locations. Programs can be designed to highlight certain times of the day, attract customers on specific days of the week or month, or drive purchases of specialty items.

  • Custom value/reward types
  • Cardholder demographic reports
  • Auto-reward triggers
  • Import card programs from other companies
  • Multi-location programs
Electronic Payments

90 Days Same As Cash

This is for that time when your customer faces a financial predicament (for example a pet becomes hurt or ill or a costly dental procedure is not covered by insurance), or a home emergency/improvement occurs such that stretching the payments over a 90 day period becomes the key to solving your customer’s concerns. Or, how about the customer in the furniture store having trouble making up their mind regarding the purchase of that extra crucial item because they think they can’t afford it?

Now with our 90 day payment plan your customer does not have to worry about an unexpected financial emergency or the additional amount to purchase something extra! It is all guaranteed!

90 days “Same as Cash” means exactly what it says! We call the program “Payday” because your customer stretches out their payments over 90 days in 30 day intervals! How much simpler can it get!

Electronic Payments

Check Guarantee

How TeleCheck Works

Understanding how merchant or other party (such as a utility company) can change your paper check into an electronic “debit” that is paid from your checking account, may help you to manage your finances. Learn more about TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA).

ECA Benefits:

Help Your Business

  • Make fewer trips to the bank
  • Reduce bank fees and processing costs
  • Improve cash flow and operational efficiencies
  • Streamline back office operations
  • Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged checks
  • Protect your customers personal data

Help Your Customers

  • Reduce the likelihood of identity theft
  • Select the payment that they prefer to use


  • Point of sale check conversion
  • Faster funding and simpler reconciliation
  • Access to extensive negative and activity databases for current check writer information
Electronic Payments


EMV Compliance

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, a global standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards (IC cards or “chip cards”) and IC card capable point of sale (POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATMs), for authenticating credit and debit transactions.

In a joint effort between Europay, MasterCard and Visa to ensure security and global interoperability so Visa and MasterCard cards can continue to be accepted everywhere. Europay International SA was absorbed into MasterCard in 2002. JCB (formerly Japan Credit Bureau) joined the organization in December 2004 and American Express joined in February 2009. IC card systems based on EMV are being phased in across the world, under names such as “IC Credit” and “Chip and PIN”.

The most widely known chip card implementation of EMV standard are:

  • VSDC – Visa
  • M/Chip – MasterCard
  • AEIPS – American Express
  • J Smart – JCB
  • D-PAS – Discover/Diners Club International

Those Are Just A Few Main Products, There Are Plenty More

  • Same Day Funding

  • Free Application

  • Free Ground Shipping

  • Free Internet Payment Gateway

  • Free Statement Analysis

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Secure & Reliable Credit Card Processing

  • EMV Compliance Program

  • Level 2 & Level 3 Credit Card Processing

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Clover Point of Sale

  • Small Business Loans

  • Consumer Financing Program

  • Gift & Loyalty Program

  • Check Guarantee

  • Merchant Cash Advance

  • 90 Days Same as Cash

  • PCI Compliance

  • TransArmor

  • Insightics

  • Perka

  • Credit Cares

  • Cell Phone Processing

  • Internet Payment Gateway

  • POS Systems

  • Check Readers

  • PIN Pads

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Ridiculously Easy Setup: Global E4 Gateway

  • Simple Batch processing interface
  • Credit/Debit Card Acceptance
  • Gift Card Processing
  • PayPal Integration
  • Level II/III Processing
  • Soft Descriptors
  • International Payment Processing
  • Multiple Currency Support
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User Reviews: We Love our Merchants, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to merchant base. When you sign up with ECI, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 50,000 merchants and counting, you cannot go wrong with ECI. Check out what our users are saying about ECI!

“This is the Best Processor I have ever used.”

“WOW I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Processor I have ever used. I feel that my business is so much more secure than it ever has been thanks to ECI and TransArmor. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and caring for our business! I think you thought of everything and then some. Thank you so much for the secure processing, WOW- AMAZING!” – Eric Mueller Dynamic Marketing

Not only have I been a satisfied ECI customer for many years, I have also recommended ECI to my business associates. All that have made the switch have been happy that they did.
Jim Mead, Alize Marketing
I kept hearing about big box retailers getting breached and wanted to make sure that this did not happen to our customers or our business.I also had customers wanting to use their new credit cards that have embedded chips that my machine could not read. Jim Anderson with Electronic Commerce International introduced me to two solutions that answer all of our problems. The first product is TransArmor and the second is the FD-35 PINPad. I would highly recommend ECI to secure your customers data and to protect your business.

David Boatright, Auto Xtreme
Before discovering Credit Cares (An Electronic Commerce International Program), we didn’t know that we had a choice in credit card processors. Our Credit Cares representative showed us not only how to save money on our monthly credit card processing fees but also introduced us to Credit Cares. Now all three of my businesses are able to save money on fees and at the same time, make a charitable contribution each month. We love making a difference for our favorite charity without having to write a check!
Laura Gisbourne, Sycamore Canyon Winery
I wanted a cutting edge point of sale system for my salon that would help me track my inventory, manage my employees, process payments and keep those payments safe and secure.

Jay Jones with Electronic Commerce International introduced me to a point of sale that brought all of these benefits and actually looks great in my salon.

The Clover is an app based point of sale system like a smart phone or tablet. This allows me to customize my point of sale for my business needs.

It also comes with TransArmor which encrypts the credit card data and puts it in to a token which, if intercepted, would give the thieves a bunch of useless numbers.

I feel great knowing that my client’s card data is totally secure and my business is protected from the potential liability of a credit card breach.

I highly recommend Electronic Commerce International to bring the best, most secure, processing solutions for any business.

Jaime Murray, Noel's Hair Salon
It’s been 10 years since we first met Heidi and Jim Anderson at a local franchising show in Houston, TX. My wife and business partner were three young and unestablished individuals looking for something to invest not only money but precious little time to make extra income. We had regular full time jobs in various fields, but wanted to supplement our salaries with a business that took little investment, yet had virtually no ceiling for potential. The idea of making a residual income for the life of a business relationship also appealed to us as well.

We were struck immediately at the kindness and genuine interest that they had in not only partnering up with us, but fostering a potentially lucrative business with us. They took the time not only to explain to us the business, but traveled back to Houston numerous times to train and educate us on the products and services that they were offering. Heidi and Jim were showing us through their actions that they were not just interested in mentoring us, but truly wanted to see us become wildly successful in the business as they had overseen with so many others before and after us.

We found the business to be challenging but very interesting. Merchant relations began with friends who owned businesses, but quickly word of mouth from those clients helped attract new relationships. ECI was always present to give us support and backup whenever new questions arose, and I can honestly say that I would not have chosen a different partner in this field of endeavor. ECI has always been very honest and prompt with our monthly residuals, and all the promises that they made to us at the first meeting they continue to live up to today.

We have since gotten more involved and advanced in our original chosen fields, and have become less active in ECI. However, true to their word from day one, Heidi and Jim continue to reward us with monthly residual checks for the remaining active accounts that we enlisted. There is never any pressure, direct or covert, for us to rekindle our activity and garner new business, but we know that their support for us remains if we need them. The initial trust that was promised from the start remains intact, and we know that we have a successful, proven business to fall back on if ever our careers fail us. We are ever grateful for that chance meeting a decade ago, and highly endorse ECI for anyone who would like to be their own boss and have reliable partners for life.

Will Nguyen, ECI Merchant Solutions

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